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Dungeonlike is a traditional roguelike dungeon crawler. Turn based, with tile graphics, randomisation, and a ton of character customisation, as well as an advanced health and ability system.

Your task is to slay Durgaz, the chief of Orcs who resides at the bottom of a 10-level underground fortress. At least, that is the official agenda. In reality, your task is to turn this dungeon into a gallery of orcish guts and remains.

  • Randomised dungeon levels.
  • Randomised enemy equipment.
  • 6 races to choose from.
  • Over 40 attacks and spells to end your foes.
  • Over 60 items to utilise.
  • Slash & Stab! Weapons often provide more than one way of slamming them against those who get in your way.
  • Health and inventory system fully based on body parts.  Cut off their legs, then crush their skulls!
  • Design your own versions of spells and techniques. Tame the magic, master the steel!
  • Discover hidden rooms with treasure. 
  • Full built-in wiki, aka. Dungeonpedia.

Dungeonlike is still under development (alpha) and will be receiving periodic updates with hot new features. Currently the game is in its infancy and is still missing many elements which will be added with time. 

If you got any feedback, ideas or suggestions, you can comment here or shoot me an email on sheriour@gmail.com. And if the game dares to crash on your system, send me an email with the contents of the Logs folder within the game, to let me investigate.


Dungeonlike v0.1.4.rar (6 MB)

Development log


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Looks like this could turn into an incredible game. It suffers from a lot of problems right now but when those are fixed this could be great.

Thanks for the kind words!

What problems in particular do you have in mind? Maybe I can tackle some of them in the next version. And if they're the "big" sort of problems, I would love to know in advance what to keep my eyes on.

Okay i'll play the game again and try to remember some of these problems

So the main problem i have currently is the controls, when mouse controls are implemented this should be somewhat fixed but until then it makes the game so unfun (and i have no numpad so as far as i know no diagonal movement!) 

for example to use heavy jab on the orcs right arm next to me i have to press Left Down Down Enter Down Down Enter, and repeat this multiple times. By binding jab to x i can reduce this to X enter down down enter. still not very fun.  Nevermind i see the repeat attack hotkey.

The art quality being not brilliant is an obvious problem that needs no explaining, not a big problem on its own but when there are other problems such as control issues it just adds to it.

Enemy health is hard to see. if i want to know the enemies health (i think) i have to select it, choose an attack which targets parts, and then look. Showing enemies' health in a game like this is hard i understand but some way of telling would be nice, maybe you could make a key that when pressed shows the health of any damaged bodyparts of monsters in view next to them. 

Also picking your characters tile at the start is quite annoying, it would be nice if we could filter them by clicking filters such as Human/Orc and Staff/Sword/Axe so we can pick one that looks like it should without looking through the huge list. Or the game could suggest one or more tiles depending on which race/weapon we pick

Starting a character is boring. Step 1. race, fine although i have to press down 5 times if i want to play kobold Step 2. stats, i have to press the right arrow key 30 times? so annoying. Step 3. skills, same problem i have to press buttons sooo many times. Step 4. weapons, quite a few button presses depending on what weapon i wish to use. Step 5. looks, problem with this explained above. Step 6. i'm alive, now i have to create my skills and bind them, which is a boring process if you already know exactly how to do it. so saving "loadouts" would be nice. Many of these problems would again be solved by mouse controls. 

Very minor problem but a random name generator would be a nice addition (though maybe not worth your time to be honest)

Those are all the problems i can think of right now. Although i may seem quite critical in this comment i do think the game could be one of my favourite games and i'm trying to mention all of the problems so they can be fixed and it can become that game. 

Wow, that is a lot of valuable feedback! 

  • Will think of something to get diagonals working without numpad. I was thinking about having rebindable controls for the main game part of the interface, might put that higher on my list.
  • Clunky control in the character creation is an issue I am aware of. I guess I could allow some quicker movement/assignment with the Ctrl key pressed, as I do in some other areas of the UI. So pressing ctrl+arrow would instantly put 10 points in Strength, or 5 points in a chosen skill etc.
  • Specifically about the part when you choose your weapons, that is quite frankly a placeholder. Once I get shops and currency up and running, you will be able to choose your entire starting item set, with armor pieces and consumables, during character creation.
  • With respect to character creation in general, at some point there will be starting "Classes" for the player to choose from (presets of stats, skills, full item loadouts), and current creation system will become an optional "Customize" way of doing it . In that situation I could also allow the player to save his custom loadout as a new custom Class, which then he could use on future runs.
  • Not much that I can currently do in way of graphics, as I am just using free tiles and I'm a horrible artist myself.
  • The player tile issue, that is the one I cannot do much about due to the reason above. I also plan on having a ton of races to choose from at some point and I'm not even sure if I will have a distinct tileset for each of them at my disposal, so filtering by race might be a problem. 
  • Viewing enemy health. Good idea with that key showing all nearby enemies damaged BPs. Currently you can press L and then navigate around and highlight the enemies you are interested in, but that is still clunky. A "bulk view" feature does sound tempting.
  • Random name generator... That sounds like a fun thing I could implement at some point. Could have one for the attacks/spells as well once I am at it. But that is far from a priority I feel.

So yea... "at some point", "eventually" and "in the future" are a very common phrase in here, but I definitely can prioritise some of these things. I am slowly starting to look into mouse support, but it's one of those things I fear that might just become a  huge project in itself, delaying everything else.

Again, many thanks for taking your time to raise all of these points!

I'm happy to hear about the classes, but also a customization option, good idea will let the starts of runs be more unique and also lets players tune to their skill/playstyle, a noob who dies early on can buy a load of health potions to help survive for example, also it would be nice if the amount of currency you start with can be increased for an easier difficulty (or reduced for a harder difficulty) if people feel like it. ,As for graphics yeah they aren't a worry, just something thats a problem when there is also a clunky ui and stuff, which hopefully wont be there for long.  As for the random name generator i'm sure there's one online you could copy paste or something. Oh and asking for tutorial every time is annoying.

I played some more to see if i could find any useful information for you and the game crashed when i pressed e to eat. yeah i know e is the wrong key but anyway it crashed the game.

Also remember, playing roguelikes is a good way to know how to make this one better, play some and think, what makes this fun. And what could make mine more fun. (and you should steal loads of stuff from them lol). One of the problems i have with basically every roguelike i play, (don't know if this is just me or it's a common problem) is that once i've played a decent amount i just start not enjoying the early parts of the game. I've done it all again and again and i feel so weak and it's not enjoyable. So if possible ways to make the early parts of the game fun and not repetitive should be top priority, as it's the part of the game the vast majority of time will be spent on while playing. 

PS. not really a problem but the name dungeonlike, not the most interesting, and doesn't really stand out next to all the other roguelikes coming out.

Nice idea with variable currency amounts dictated by difficulty level, will probably do something along these lines!

Tutorial window will have  the "stop asking me about this" option in next version, already got it written.

That crash looks very serious! E is just a hotkey and I've tried everything my imagination allowed me to and still could not get it to crash.  Can you send me the contents of Logs folder in the game to sheriour@gmail.com, so I can investigate?

Since the logs are small i'll post them here

09/06/2017 05:13:38   ------------------ ERROR ------------------
09/06/2017 05:13:38   System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index
   at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException(ExceptionArgument argument, ExceptionResource resource)
   at Dungeonlike.AttackMenuAttack.SendAttackToTargeting() in C:\Users\Marek\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\TestGame\TestGame\System\GameWindows\AttackMenuAttack.cs:line 72
   at Dungeonlike.AttackMenuInput.Listen(InputState& inputState) in C:\Users\Marek\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\TestGame\TestGame\System\Input\AttackMenuInput.cs:line 46
   at Dungeonlike.Input.Listen() in C:\Users\Marek\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\TestGame\TestGame\System\Input\System\Input.cs:line 172
   at Dungeonlike.MainGame.Update(GameTime gameTime) in C:\Users\Marek\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\TestGame\TestGame\System\Main\MainGame.cs:line 199

Yea, I think I managed to reproduce it by taking all the weapons off and having no spells learned and no custom attacks defined, then moving into an enemy (this brings up the attacks menu, which becomes a tiny empty box in the topleft corner - something that should be fixed as well with some "you have no usable attacks" info). If you then press Enter, the game actually tries to look up the chosen attack... and fails miserably, as nothing is chosen. I was sure I protected the window against this scenario, but apparently I didn't. What a rookie mistake.