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Turn based roguelike with an advanced health system · By Sheriour


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Trolls and Spiders! (v.0.3.4)
Greetings dungeoneers! New version is up, with a big content update. I've been mostly working on expanding existing systems and filling in the gaps, so it's a b...
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The "Cloak and Wand" update (v.0.3.3)
Greetings adventurers! A moon has passed since last release, and so I have yet another pile of fun for you to play with. This time it's quite a an impressive li...
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Hotfix to the rescue! (v.0.3.2)
Hail slayers! You might be thinking why is there a version so soon after the previous one, not even a week? It's because I got a very helpful community who love...
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New version released! (v.0.3.1)
Greetings adventurers! This time around I focused more on some long-pending changes in the UI and a lot of lesser fixes. As development goes forward, you will s...
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New Armor and Weapons!
Greetings travelers! New Dungeonlike will come with some new armor and weapons, which are (mostly) faction-oriented. This means that they will be only found on...
Themed rooms!
Hear thee, orcslayers! Let's check out another goodie from the pile of new features. This time around it will have to do more with how the dungeons are generate...
Lockpicking changes in upcoming version
Greetings! As version 0.3.1 is in its final stages of development and will probably see the light of day by the end of next week, I've decided to put some of th...
The world awaits! Other stuff also awaits! (v.0.3.0)
Hello everyone! It's been a WHILE! Probably a while too long, but life is life and I can't always devote as much time to Dungeonlike as I would like. But here i...
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