Lockpicking changes in upcoming version

Greetings! As version 0.3.1 is in its final stages of development and will probably see the light of day by the end of next week, I've decided to put some of the new stuff on display before that happens. Let's see if I can do it on a daily basis. It's been quite a productive month!

One of the areas getting a minor facelift this time around is lockpicking. Locked chests were always present in Dungeonlike, and it was known that Thievery skill would help with picking the locks, but there was a serious lack of direct information when picking locks. Furthermore, unless you invested points in Thievery, locked chests would quickly become entirely useless, never to be opened.

First of the changes is the lockpicking UI. It will now display the chance to pick a given lock, so you know how much that Thievery skill is actually helping you and if that particular chest is worth your lockpicks. Second change is the introduction of an item named "Lockbreaker". It's a magical lockpick on steroids, which should make opening chests way easier, though it's quite an expensive and uncommon tool (ideal for those big chests with rare items at the bottom of a dungeon, don't you think?).

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