Fight the undead, get awesome loot! (v.0.2.3)

Hello again adventurers! It's been a while! And since it's been a while, there is a nice bunch of new features going out, including rare enemies(powerful, although still randomised), rare items (a random mix of existing enchantments, packed into one item) and a whole new dungeon type with a bunch of undead creatures for you to fight. And since Dungeonlike tries to make best sense out of its world, undead are not the easiest type of enemy to slay, since they don't bleed, can't be poisoned, they never run away and they almost don't tire. Regular dungeons also feature new enemies, as Trolls and Ogres make it to the game - although these guys are unarmored, they make up for it in sheer resilience and slight resistance to blunt weaponry.

I've also done quite a number of test runs of the game, quite a few per each class, so I was able to pick out a lot of sources of imbalance, although I bet there is far more to find. Balance aside, I think I managed to get the pacing up, as bleeding is now more serious for badly damaged creatures, while stamina and mana are more difficult to deplete, leading to less running around waiting for enemies to bleed out/stamina to regenerate.

On a more real-life note, I would like to apologise for the lack of updates over last months, but I needed a break from Dungeonlike. I guess that the initial idea of having a version released every two weeks actually led to a slight burnout, as I was both pushing out the features really quickly, but also writing rushed, bad quality code that I wasn't too proud of in the long run. I will be taking my time now, making sure I am 100% happy with stuff that goes out. Can't really promise anything here, but something like 1-2 months will probably be the case.

New Stuff (mechanics & content):

  • New level type: Crypt - currently only as a fork dungeon.
  • Undead enemies! Far more annoying than orcs.
  • Rare items! A standard magic item has 1 enchant, while a rare has 3 enchants combined and some random name. They can be found on rare enemies, in treasure chests and in ordinary locked chests.
  • Rare enemies! They are a buffed version of their normal counterpart, with increased stats and skill, and far better equipment, including a rare item. They give more experience as well.
  • Treasure rooms! A major treasure room will be at the bottom of any fork, while minor treasure rooms can be found almost anywhere. They are always guarded by a rare enemy.
  • Main dungeon level size reduced from 40x40 to 30x30, but the dungeon features 20 levels instead of 10.
  • Bulky Horde creatures: Trolls and Ogres! Neither wear armor, but they are quite resilient without it. Way easier to bleed out than to bash down with blunt damage.
  • Shielding is now chance-based and drains far less stamina on successful blocks. Block power can be viewed in Status window (U key).
  • AI makes use of their staff-based spells, if they have a staff equipped.
  • AI will not use Sangumantic spells if they would reduce their blood pool too much.
  • New Sorcery spell: Spellshield. Because mages need to protect themselves from other mages.
  • New ammo types: Steel Arrows/Bolts will pierce armor with ease, while Barbed Arrows/Bolts will deal increased damage.

New Stuff (UI & usability):

  • Item quality is now indicated by a little star in the upper right corner. Blue for magic items, yellow for rares.
  • Armor penalty and Overburden now show their severity on their icons.
  • If a consumable is used, the action is reported in the console log.
  • If a consumable item does not require any player input/aiming to use it (eg. bread), it will no longer close the inventory window. This means that you can eat 5 kobold snacks one after another without having to open inventory again. The window does close for more complex consumables, like a bandage, which requires the player to specify a limb.
  • Equipped items can be replaced in the inventory window. The system will try its best to replace a matching item, so if you have a bow and ammo, equipping new ammo wil replace the old one (and not the bow).
  • Due to shielding being now an rng-based factor in combat, hit chance displayed next to a targeted enemy body part displays a combined chance of the attack being either evaded or blocked.
  • Creatures have descriptions which can often hint their weak points.
  • Level name is now displayed in top right, next to current time.
  • Stackable items display their stack count.


  • It was possible to bleed out while resting. I suppose eternal rest should not be a hidden feature there.
  • Sometimes ammo would get bugged and have its weight multiplied, making enemy archers overburdened.
  • Archers would not switch to melee weapon after their bow hand was cut off, standing there with ammo in their other hand doing nothing. Now that was stupid, even for Kobold standards.
  • Sources displayed on the Hotkey list would get wiped from time to time, multiple bugs fixed here.
  • Staff-based ations had wrong numbers (damage/cost) displayed all over the place.


  • Armor penalty of non-torso items increased.
  • Armor penalty no longer reduces spell effectiveness. Since implementing this I've actually made penalty quite painful in general, so this mage-specific effect doesn't really seem fair anymore.
  • AOE spells should be significantly cheaper now, especially LineAOE which would sometimes be more expensive to cast than comparable CircleAOE, that wasn't right.
  • All armor enchants are more powerful than before.
  • Rebalanced secondary sword attacks to make them more viable. Stab is now a good anti-armor attack for sword users, while Flatside inflicts reasonable blunt damage.
  • Consumable shop has significantly more items of each type to offer.
  • Skills reduce action costs way faster now when leveled up.
  • Passive skill cost increase reduced from 5 to 2. This should make multiclassing actually possible.
  • Creatures have more stamina and stamina regen across the board.
  • Creatures have significantly more mana across the board.
  • Prices of many consumables have been reduced, some to a great extent (I'm looking at you, Talar Scroll).
  • Ranged weapons damage increased, stamina costs reduced.
  • Dash action cost doubled.
  • Ammo prices reduced significantly.
  • Ranged enemies carry 25 ammo instead of 50. Was a bit too easy to just farm all that ammo off them.


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Oct 23, 2017

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A endless mode where enemies just keep becoming stronger to see how long can you last (maybe enchantments too), and see how long and broken the game gets! 

Awesome, lots of great updates, shall try it now.