New version released! (v.0.3.1)

Greetings adventurers! This time around I focused more on some long-pending changes in the UI and a lot of lesser fixes. As development goes forward, you will see more and more of updates which no longer roll out gamechanging experimental systems, but instead build up the content within existing framework and polish gameplay. Adding new items, enemy creatures, skills, spells, attacks, races, world map locations, dungeon types, factions, etc. will be one side such updates, but fleshing out systems which have been introduced and never really got too much attention: secret rooms, stealth & thievery, poison mechanics, gold balancing (especially endgame, when there is nothing to buy anymore), will also be on my radar. But enough promises, here is what I got for you today!

The biggest change this time around is probably (yet another) rebalance of combat stats. As I've mentioned in my recent Facebook post, a lot of care has been put to get critical hits, armor and armor piercing done right. Enemies will always try to follow some build (which means their attacks as well as equipment) which allows the to tackle armor, as previously many endgame warriors would be useless trying to strike the player with their arming swords.

Dungeons will now feature special rooms like Libraries and Granaries, serving the purpose of "treasure rooms" with specific types of items, but also forcing player to face multiple enemies more often, adding a bit of value to AOE attacks. Town Portals no longer insta-teleport, which means that escaping dangerous situations will be more challenging.

There is also a new batch of items (both equipment and consumables), enchants (speed bonuses), some new creatures (especially endgame ones), and a good number of UI quality of life improvements.

Big thanks to all of you who are providing me with feedback, it is really appreciated. I've been lucky enough to get very constructive criticism so far, and I am sure you can see your comments and ideas come to life within Dungeonlike, even if it's taking me a bit of time on the implementation side of things.

New Stuff (mechanics & content):

  • Block per turn attempts are limited by shielding skill, to 1 + Skill/10. This means that you cannot block an infinite number of attacks per turn anymore.
  • Factional weapons and armor are now available, spawning on respective faction members and buyable for their settlements (
  • Two consumables have been added to enable immediate healing: Violent Meatgrowth and Violent Bonegrowth potions. They heal a part of your missing Tissue/Structure, but also apply a very heavy debuff limiting natural regeneration of health.
  • Town Portal scroll no longer instantly teleports to cities. Instead it applies a 60-turn timer and once those turns are up, the teleport happens. This prevents the scroll from being a means of escape, as it should be a means of travel only. Reduced the cost of this item as well, since it's far less of a life saver now.
  • Potion of Mercy added to the game, it temporarily nullifies pain.
  • Liches can now cost a Reconstruction spell which heals them instantly in battle.
  • If you thought Ogre Brutes were tough and dangerous, I added a more powerful Ogre Warrior creature to bend that armor a bit more.
  •  Dungeons will contain special rooms with specific spawn for items and creatures, as well as individual decoration (
  • Two "new" skills introduced: Acrobatics and Mediation. As Athletics and Concentration had too many effects (eg. stamina regen + dodging + crit protection + dash actions), I had to split them out. Now Acrobatics has dodge + dashes while Concentration has hex resist.
  • Mediation skill increases both mana regeneration and maximum value (with emphasis on maximum). It also offers a Deep Focus action which allows to convert stamina into mana.
  • Athletics skill increases both stamina rengeration and maximum value (with emphasis on regeneration). It also offers a Second Wind action which allows to convert mana into stamina.
  • Lockbreaker (super-lockpick) introduced. More expensive than a normal lockpick, but far easier to use (
  • Two Rune items introduced to allow warriors to inflict some AOE fire damage: Firebomb Rune and Hellfire Rune.
  • New armor enchants added. They can improve: global speed, movement speed and blood regeneration rate.
  • New spell type added, called "Hollow Circle". This will result in a nova-like AOE spell centered on the caster.
  • Bandit Backstabbers, Assasins and Duelists added. These guys will be critical-strike oriented, so keep your healing potions close.
  • Orc Destroyer added. He is basically a really strong version of the Orc Berserker, hitting even harder than Warlords, but having mediore defense.
  • Scroll of Banishment added, a consumable which allows you to teleport away all enemies adjacent to you (it uses the Hollow Cricle logic mentioned above).

New Stuff (UI & usability):

  • Dungeons and camps now show their threat level as a range, not a single digit (which used to show just the maximum threat).
  • When an action is performed in the inventory screen, the console window will become temporarily visible so that the information ("you equip the sword", etc.) is visible.
  • Bandage condition icons visible on your body parts after using a bandage actually look like a bandage now.
  • The amount of turns rested by pressing R button can now be configured in options.
  • Unspent experience is visible on the tab above console window.
  • Unspent stat points will now cause a "reminder" window now to appear and instruct on how to spend them.
  • Lockpicking list window now shows chance to pick a lock (
  • Different types of scrolls now have different colors. Locumantic scrolls are blue, while Talar (town portal and wholesale) scrolls are yellow.


  • Critical hits have been reworked to double the armor piercing value instead of giving a flat bonus.
  • Critial hit chances are much higher now for some attacks.
  • Enemies who aim for least-armored body parts will now sometimes switch between multiple body parts if they have comparable armor levels. This will help with the annoying trend of endgame enemies always hitting your one hand but never the other.
  • A massive amount of fixes around armor values of armor pieces and armor piercing capabilities of attacks/ammunition etc.
  •  Bandit thugs can now use Stab attack, which means they will remain a threat even in mid-game with their critical hit capabilities.
  • Arms and legs are 5% more difficult to hit now.
  • Swords, as now they rely more on precise armor piercing attacks, do less overall damage.
  • Engulfing spells (eg. Conjure Fire) will in general pick more body parts, as previously minimum count was 1, now 2.
  • Bandit archers made significantly weaker to make them appear in lowest levels of bandit dungeons, as seeing 1000 bandit thugs in a row was really dull.
  • Enemies close to end game will use some kind of armor-countering equipment. Either stabbing weapons with high critical capabilities or two handed axes and hammers. The idea is, these warriors often face armored enemies, so walking around with a one handed axe was pointless even from "lore" point of view.
  • Enemies who have lost a lot of blood will now run at 25% blood reserves, not 50%. 


  •  Archers within encounters (ambushes) would cause the game to crash when running away from the player. The issue was that they checked if anybody is close to them (in case they needed to switch to melee) and while checking all positions adjacent to them, they would even check ones outside level boundaries...
  • Fixed dungeons which spawned with a very limited choice of enemies, especially low level ones. A bug was causing some random dungeons to have 5 levels full of bandit thugs, etc.
  • Dungeons would appear to be in "cleared" state immediately after entering them.
  • Food could be still eaten when player was full if done via inventory directly by pressing enter.
  • Special ammo (barbed, steel etc.) was unavailable in shops at all.
  • Having no melee weapon and going into melee attack craft window would throw an error.
  • Unavailable secondary attacks (eg. a Stab attack when no sword was equipped) would have no Source or Description displayed.
  • It was possible to use weapon-specific attacks (eg. Beak Strike) with any weapon of that type (eg. any Hammer) once a custom attack was created.
  • Critical hit system will no longer re-apply the same condition if it is already applied. Previously it would often happen that eg. 3 crits in a row would keep cutting the tendons, which was pretty annoying and pointless.
  • Shields no longer had armor penalty (removed in version 0.3.0), but could still spawn with armor penalty reducing enchants.
  • Can no longer preview objects/creatures outside of line of sight in Lookaround mode.
  • One of the endgame enchants would give up to +150% attack speed instead of +15% to weapons.
  • After loading a saved game, items in strongbox and shops had their ennchants erased.
  • A very annoying bug with Teleport spell fixed. It caused enemies to seemingly teleport into walls, while actually it was the AI walking into them.


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Apr 17, 2018

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