Hotfix to the rescue! (v.0.3.2)

Hail slayers! You might be thinking why is there a version so soon after the previous one, not even a week? It's because I got a very helpful community who love finding bugs! I was made aware of couple of issues, then found some myself as well, and although each one of them on their own is nothing serious, taken together they create a really ugly picture, so I've decided to halt the features I was working on and get a hotfix build out. This being a "hotfix" build means that all saves from 0.3.1 will work with this version as well! Just copy over the save into the "Saves" directory of the new version and it should all play nice.

Since I was in the middle (well, actually in the very beginning) of adding some new stuff, there is also a very small bit of item changes which will be fully fleshed out in the next major release, but they are already available to use. New items involve Tomes, which boost your magic skills, and jewelry (just necklace for now) which can boost your stats. Both items can also increase your hex resistance and both can be further enchanted to increase skills/stats/resistance even more if you are lucky with your loot. Stat enchants can actually be found on any magic item in the game.

New Stuff (mechanics & content):

  • Tome items added (they can affect the 3 schools of magic).
  • Necklace items added.
  • Scroll of Spell Shield added. Allows the user to increase hex resistance for a limited time.
  • Tomes, Necklaces and Staves can be bought from Traders and Alchemists. Staves can no longer be bought from Blacksmiths.
  • Skill increasing enchants are available for Tomes  (they can affect the 3 schools of magic).
  • Stat increasing enchants are available for all items.

New Stuff (UI & usability):

  • Staves, Tomes and Necklaces now belong to item group "Curios", which means that staves will no longer show under "Weapons" when filtering items in shops, inventory or containers.


  •  Ugly bug 1, "Where is my enchant dude?":
    •   Magical items with innate nameless enchants (eg. robes, staff of energy/battery) would lose their additional magic enchants when loading a save.
  • Ugly bug 2, "Fire Aura is just a bug": 
    • Fire aura would recursively keep adding damage on top of itself if active on player while creating attacks in P menu.
    • Fire Aura was listed as a harmful spell, asking if you really want to cast it on yourself.
    • Fire Aura inflicted double damage.
    • Fire aura was having its damage increased by the attack Force stat.
  • Ugly bug 3, "No running allowed?"
    • Dash actions were impossible to obtain even after reaching the required skill level.


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Apr 23, 2018

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