Trolls and Spiders! (v.0.3.4)

Greetings dungeoneers!

New version is up, with a big content update. I've been mostly working on expanding existing systems and filling in the gaps, so it's a bit more of everything this time around, although the most prominent change is the addition of a new location type, which is caves. Those can spawn both on the world map and as branches of other dungeons and feature Spiders, Trolls and Ogres as their inhabitants. Old dungeons can now spawn a variety of room shapes, and will generally spawn bigger rooms with more enemies, rather than a sequence of 30 "closets" with one guy each.

There are also far more armor pieces to find now. I've also sat down in front of a spreadsheet of all these armor pieces and did some rebalancing between them, as a closer insepction showed that many were quite underwhelming (I'm looking at you, Gambeson!). New armor pieces are meant to fill in the gaps between rubbish early game protection and mighty plate set (eg. Reinforced Glvoes), as well as provide an option for agile characters (Spidersilk set) or allow to trade a bit of physical protection for superior fire defense (Lavanium items).

One big change touches on natural regeneration, food system and critical conditions. The game had issues in all of these areas (food too easy to get and meaningless very soon, regeneration is just a free heal over time, conditions lingering for 1000 turns were horrible). So I got a solution to all 3. Food is now more scarce and expensive, and healing in a normal state has been severely reduced. But, if you eat enough to be in a Full state, that allows you to heal naturally over time (comparable to old healing potion rates). Also, if you reach 100% hp of a body part affected by critical conditions, they go away automatically. The catch is, eating into the Full state reduces food effectiveness, so healing now effectively has a cost. 

And of course, a ton of fixes, some UI improvements and other gameplay changes, listed below. Happy slaughter!

New Stuff (mechanics & content): 

  • Swamp biome can now be found, south of Dewmere. For now it's mostly a visual feature, but I plan on having more biome-specific content at some point.
  • Added a bunch of new troll enemies, an entire giant spider race and a two-headed, four-armed Twin Ogre.
    • Trolls and Spiders leave behind valuable body parts.
  • Caves will now spawn on the map alongside dungeons and camps. They can house either trolls, spiders or ogres.
  • Dungeon rooms can now spawn with different shapes, so it's no longer just rectangles.
    • Increased sizes of all basic square rooms.
  • Enemies now have more than one attack of a given kind at their disposal. E.g. a warrior will usually have "strike" and 'heavy strike", with the latter using far more stamina.
  • Health now regenerates extremely slowly on its own, but this can be greatly boosted by staying in "Full" satiety state. The catch is that all food going towards being "Full" is consumed twice as fast, so healing now has a cost beyond sitting and waiting.
  • Critical conditions (Broken Ribs, Cut Artery, Blindness) can be now healed by reaching 100% health of their corresponding health type (eg. Broken Ribs heal at 100% structure of that body part). They can still heal with time, and that time is now a random value, not always 1200 turns.
  • Escape scroll added. A bit more expensive and much faster than Town Portal, this will allow you to get out of trouble.
  • New Equipment:
    • Battle Axe and Falchion added.
    • Recurve bow added.
    • Scale Armor, Royal Gambeson, Composite Gloves and Reinforced Boots added as a tier of armor between plate and chain.
    • Lavanium armor set added, with both plate and chain versions. It's a heavy, uncomfortable armor type with impressive fire protection.
    • Spidersilk set added, with decent protection and close to no armor penalty.
  • Gem items added, they serve as your main source of income when exploring caves.
  • A Bag item has been added. Basically, a very light, cheap container if you want to keep all your loot in one place.
  • Enemies will now use bandages when no enemies are present on adjacent tiles.
  • Enemies can be now seen carrying Tomes and Jewelry.
  • Bow and Crossbow skills have been removed. Archery skill gives double the skill cost reduction.
  • Slightly increased the number of stat points player receives.
    • Rebalanced all enemies to also have higher stats and keep up with player.
  • Camps are about 25% larger, to make enemy density a bit less severe.

New Stuff (UI & usability):

  • Being Full or Peckish will now display the number of turns until satiety changes.
  • Simplified faction emblems.
  • Improved bow and crossbow item visuals.
  • Player global conditions are now displayed in two rows if there are more than 8, instead of going off-screen.
  • Ctrl+arrows allow to quickly traverse item lists when picking items from the ground (for some reason this particular list didn't allow that).
  • Additional hotkeys provided, with digits 1-6 being now in use on top of old hotkeys. Had to move global condition icons above body part display to provide space on lower resolutions.
  • On the main game view, global conditions now show their remaining time above their icon if they have duration.
  • Consumables in hotkeys show how many are remaining.
  • Damage to player is now visible as red in the console, while combat logging for other creature is a more yellow color than before, to keep them easy to distinguish.
  • Player position on the screen is now offset to left/upper corner on lower resolutions to make UI windows less obstructive, as they were covering field of view significantly.


  • General Bleed and Cut Artery now share a common bleed cap, which means that opening an artery of a 95% hp arm will make it bleed a lot, but a 5% hp arm already bleeds nearly as much as it possibly can, so opening an artery isn't changing much.
  • Changed some numbers around how much stamina and mana creatures get from endurance and intelligence, especially at 20+ stat levels.
  • "Smart Aiming" creatures are a bit less smart now, no longer targetting weakest-protection body parts exclusively, although they will still have a big preference for those.
  • Power cap removed on spell and attack creation. You can now increase those levels as far as your stamina and mana allow you to.
  • To keep that in check, scaling costs have been introduced, with increased costs past 40 and even more after 80 power/force etc. is reached.
  • Rebalanced swords to be more of a competition to axes. Now they can occasionally do higher damage than axes, but they keep their unreliable damage spread.
  • All potions which increased regeneration rates (of health, stamina, mana, blood) now regenerate a set amount over X turns instead. This avoids crazy lategame scaling and gives more meaning to stuff like Transfusion Potion to a mage.
  • All item enhants which increased regeneration rates (of health, stamina, mana, blood) now increase it by flat values per turn.
  • Enemies now have far less potions, with one (literally "one") exception.
  • Far less food spawns in the dungeons, both in containers and on enemies.
  • Far more food spawns in the shops.
  • Rebalanced bows and crossbows. Bows are now far more useful for critical hits, while crossbows offer sheer power and additional pierce.
  • Giving more special ammo to enemies and did some rebalancing around enemy accuracy.
  • All warrior enemies now share  similar item-spawning logic which allows even Orc Henchmen to sometimes use two-handed weapons.
  • Armor penalty can no longer be reduced by more than 10 via skills alone.
  • Fitted enchant no longer reduced Armor Penalty by %, but by a flat value. It will also no longer appear on items with very low Armor Penalty to begin with.
  • Hoarding gives more carry weight than strength, there is a baseline 15 carry now as well, so a mage can actually carry his stuff.
  • Far more lockpicks and lockbreakers will spawn in shops.
  • Push spell will now have way more damage.
  • Wring Flesh no longer converts into blunt damage when enemy tissue health is 0 (or no tissue is present to begin with)
  • Experience costs of skills were not ramping up as quickly as they should, when compared to how quickly player earns experience in late game. Now they scale "a bit more exponentially", so early game should feel similar, but at about 20 skill level things start accelerating.
  • Since 1-turn-duration spells make no sense for in most cases and in those when they do, they allow for abusive mechanics, all enduring spells have a minimal duration of 2 turns, and their costs have been increased slightly.
  • Increasing duration for spells is now far cheaper.
  • Dungeons far from roads and cities will now always be of high threat.
  • Critical hits now grant a +50% damage bonus instead of +25%.
    • To keep critical conditions balance, they now only appear for critical hits which take above 20% health.
  • Items had their sell value reduced, but Talar scroll is more efficient now, as the guild keeps 35% of the gold instead of 50/50 share.


  • Skeletons will now be slain not only by destroying torso, but also by destroying everythning beside torso.
  • Dual strike had its speed miscalculated.
  • Message Log will no longer show combat-related messages out of order.
  • When poison reduced endurace, Structure health would not follow the reduction correctly.
  • If damage converted from slash to blunt due to tissue 0 health, bandages/cauterise wouldnt get removed.
  • Fixed Internal Bleed which would last 1200 turns, becoming a delayed death sentence.
  • When using a consumable targeting the player, the red crosshair will now show up correctly to indicate that player is the target.
  • Dungeons will no longer spawn those 3 door tiles next to each other.
  • Enemy animals (eg. Dogs) could not charge.
  • Camps would sometimes crash the game if a save-reload was performed right after they were cleared.
  • Traps would sometimes defy laws of space and even though they are in dungeons, they would trigger in the town.
  • Locked chests dont show value of items inside anymore
  •  Hitting Tab in Look mode when no enviro has been loaded at all would crash the game.
  • Dungeons would sometimes spawn with invalid threat ranges, leading to there being no creatures to spawn and crashing the game.
  • Weightless enchant was accidentally removed from spawn logic some time ago, brought it back. Reworked it similarly to Fitted enchant (check "Balance"section for that).
  •  Durgaz was bugged and did not get any rare items, as opposed to getting a significant amount.
  •  Opening a door takes almost no time now, so situations in which enemies instantly deal damage after door is opened should not longer happen.
  • Enemy archers, while waiting for their stamina to regenerate so they can shoot, would often run away using Dash, wasting stamina and never shooting again.
  • Time of day was lagging the game when traversing the world.


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Aug 09, 2018
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