Tutorial is here! (v.0.1.3)

Hello everybody! I am extremely happy to see that the game is getting some attention. I have received some information about the control being less than intuitive and with little to no explanation, so I added a short (and optional) tutorial and provided a link to Dungeonpedia in the main menu, to make that thing more accessible. Other than that, minor things have been done here and there, everything listed below.

Save files from previous versions will not be compatible, sorry!

Changes in v.0.1.3

New Stuff:

  • Optional tutorial added. It can be accessed after creating you character.
  • Items now display if they use two slots (eg. gloves), displayed as "Glove (1 or 2)".
  • Items show now if they require two slots (eg. claymore), displayed as "Hand (2)".
  • Items can be now equiped/unequiped/used with Enter key from the Inventory screen, instead of having separate equip/use keys (Enter/U previously).
  • Added a Dungeonpedia link to main menu.
  • Waiting a turn can be now performed with the period "." key. For the numpadless.


  • Fixed list resizing for container view on all resolution settings. Previously it would scramble all over the place on non-default resolution.
  • Pressing a hotkey when no item highlighted in inventory would crash the game.
  • Updated Dungeonpedia keybinds, as some were missing.
  • Implemented a retry system for reading/saving the config files to increase stability, as I've seen an instance of it crashing the game.
  • Implemented a retry system for save files as well, just in case.


  • Increased the resource cost of Sweep attack, as it was way overpowered.


  • Creature detail windows are now permanently expanded.
  • Updated accreditation.
  • Changed the font of the floating text during combat.


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Jun 07, 2017

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