0.1.4 is out! Character creation gets a speed boost!

Alright, new version coming out, 0.1.4. There is a ton of changes coming out this time around, and they mostly have something to do with accessibility and general quality of life improvements. Creating a new character was taking a bit too long, so I've made a lot of improvements in that area. A full list of changes is provided below.

Save files from v.0.1.3 should be compatible.

New Stuff:

  • Holding Ctrl allows the player to see last targeted enemy (or just the closest one, if not possible)
  • Holding Ctrl and pressing V will allow to cycle between enemies viewed that way.
  • Player Classes introduced, mostly for the purpose of quicker character creation (stats/skills/weapon).
  • Old system of custom character creation can be now accessed by choosing "Create New" in Class select window. Such custom classes will be saved for the future.
  • When having multiple windows open, the display will dim all the background windows.
  • If a position contains more than one unlocked container, a list of containers will pop up when trying to interact with containers (previously only the first container from the top was possible to inspect).
  • Containers in inventory can also be opened now (with Enter).
  • Can lockpick chests in the inventory (also Enter).
  • Containers now get heavier due to their contents.
  • All windows in character creation process allow to use Ctrl+up/down for quicker top/bottom navigation.
  • Skill and stats windows in character creation allow to use Ctrl+left/right for quicker assignment of points.
  • Tutorial can now be disabled if the "Do you want to play the tutorial" becomes annoying. It can be also disabled/re-enabled from the options.
  • Game now autosaves on first turn.
  • Diagonal movement is now also possible with Shift+arrows, something for those without numpads on their keyboards.


  • Upgraded to the latest Monogame framework version. This allows the builds to be based on OpenGL.
  • If lockpicking action was canceled before choosing an object from the list, action preview window would stay open.
  • Default attacks (Heavy Strike etc.) would not load up on the first turn after loading a save file.
  • Attack names no longer protrude beyond the attack list (the popup one) and hotkeys window.
  • If the player hit Enter when no attack was available for the attack list (the popup one), the game would crash.


  • I totally forgot that the game was rendering all tiles at a 40x40 size, even though source files are 32x32. Switched the tile size to 32, so all dungeon tiles will be a bit smaller, but no longer so blurry.


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Jun 17, 2017

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Nice, keep up the good work!