New delivery: magic items! (v.0.1.5)

Hello, dungeonlike-liking people! The big feature going out this time around is... magical items! Quite a basic thing for a loot-rich game, and I always wanted to have them around. So here they are, currently a bit over 20 enchants for a good start. Almost any weapon or armor spawned in the game might be enchanted, having a special prefix in front of the name and providing bonus effects. These effects will be selected at random, and will have varying power, so two "Brutal" Arming Swords might have a different bonus to their damage.

I also got a bunch of fixes for you, of which about half are a result of your bug reports sent to me! Big thanks to everybody who sent one, as this speeds up the development tremendously and helps me keep the game as good as I can manage. Keep them coming!

Saves from back to 0.1.3 are theoretically compatible, but you will not see any of the magic items spawn. Also, the mage robe sets will have their hex resistance removed.

New Stuff:

  • Magic items with bonus stats can now be found in chests or on the enemies.
  • Removed Staff of Energy from the game. Any staff can now have the same effect if it has the "Focused" magic effect.
  • Removed innate hex resist bonuses from mage robes (Neophyte and Magus sets). Any piece of armor can now have the "resistive" magic effect offering a similar bonus.
  • Mana potions and Stamina potions can now be found in the Dungeon. No idea why I did not have these items in the game in the first place.
  • Armor penalty - if applied - is now displayed as a condition (armor with a red exclamation mark) to bring it to player's attention. Armor penalty makes magic really hard to aim, which confused a lot of people, I hope this makes it a bit clearer.
  • An open chest with no items insisde will display "Small Chest (Empty)" to signify that.
  • Female character tiles have been improved.


  • Dual Strike would not become the primary attack when dual wielding, making the entire gamestyle broken. It would also lead to corrupted attacks being created, causing crashes.
  • Mage gloves would take only one equipment slot.
  • Attempting to equip gloves or boots while having some equiped already would make them disappear.
  • Killing an enemy with Ctrl view mode on would crash the game if there was another enemy around.
  • Upon a crash, the game will allow you to continue or give up playing. This should prevent trivial bugs from crashing your game, as sometimes the failure is not really serious enough.
  • When drawing range of AOE spells, the game would use vision-based calculations instead of passability-based. So if you used Conjure Smoke and then attempted to throw a fireball at it, the game would not show that this area will be affected. Switched the logic to use passability instead of vision here.
  • Additionally, if entire target area was covered by smoke, the game would actually crash! This has been fixed as well.
  • LineAOE spells did not have their cost influenced by range modifications, making them very cheap.
  • The item type filtering in Container and Equipment windows would not reset after closing, which even got me going WTF? "why are there no items in that box?".
  • Targetting crosshair did some wierd stuff, getting permamently stuck on the screen in some rare cases.
  • The "Full" condition applied when a creature eats enough would atually remain applied even if satiety levels dropped to "Satiated".


  • Blocking with shields takes twice as much stamina per block as before, but increasing the Shielding skill reduces that amount four times as fast. In other words, you need to be good with shields in order to really make use of them in the long run. To avoid "trolling" new players, the initial buckler is now NOT EQUIPPED AUTOMATICALLY after character creation, as this would lead to rapid stamina depletion.
  • Ranged weapons pierce easier through armor (would pierce through 25%, now 50%) to make ranged enemies an actual threat.
  • Chests will spawn slightly more stuff.
  • Kobold thieves will drop more lockpicks.
  • Kobold thieves and Orcish Henchmen will be slightly more accurate and deal slightly more damage (about 10% increase). 


  • Added a piece of test/tip under the attacks window popup to suggest that the player can hold Ctrl to re-attack. I see a lot of people go through all the menus during combat (select attack => select enemy => select body part) while this boring procedure can be nearly totally skipped. I personally would get carpal tunnel  not enjoy the game  at all if I had to go through all of that on each turn.


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Jun 27, 2017

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