Hoarders and looters are welcome! (v. 0.2.0)

Greetings, orc slayers. We're hopping from 0.1.x versions into the realm of 0.2.x, as huge changes have come to the land of Dungeonlike. A town level is now available with a Blacksmith who sells weapons and armor, a general Trader who sells consumables, a Healer who makes sarcastic comments about your existence and heals you for a hefty price, and a Bank (personal stash). 

Apart from that, there are a bunch of new enemies in the Dungeon, including non-humanoids. Orc Warriors are now weaker, but Orc Veterans will take their place as the first scary melee guys. Orc Blazers can be found earlier in the dungeon, but powerful Orc Infernalists will appear on deeper levels. War Dogs and Wargs can also be found in the Dungeon, toghether with their more dangerous Rabid versions, with poison-applying bites. On lowest levels, Orc Duelists will make your life miserable with their mobility.

Instead of having just one Healing Potion, the game now also offers a Marrow Extract (increases Structure regeneration for all limbs), a Regenerative Balm (increases Tissue regeneration for a given limb) and a Potion of Transfusion (increases Blood regeneration). 

On top of that, some new scrolls, with the Town Portal being probably the most interesting one. This scroll will never drop within the dungeon, so if you want to keep jumping between the town and the orcish massacre, better supply yourself beforehand.

Saves from earlier versions won't work.

New Stuff:

  • Town level with a Blacksmith, a Trader a Bank and a Healer.
  • Currency (gold) introduced. It can be viewed as an item in inventory, but possesed amount is displayed in several windows for quick reference.
  • Most items have value (but corpses etc. won't).
  • Magical items have their value increased depending on what enchants they have.
  • New enemies: Orc Veteran, Orc Duelist, Orc Infernalist, War Dog, Rabid War Dog, Warg, Rabid Warg.
  • New healing items: Marrow Extract, Regenerative Balm and Potion of Transfusion. Old Healing Potion made a bit weaker to compensate.
  • New scroll items: Scroll of Blink, Scroll of Teleport, Scroll of Town Portal, Scroll of Haste.
  • New low-level items: Ragged Gloves, Boots, Leather Helmet. Od leather items rebalanced.
  • Orc Blazers and Infernalists can use two kinds of spells now, AOE and locational.
  • Overburden and Armor Penalty condition icons are now displayed in the inventory window as a hint.
  • The Action preview window in the main Actions Window is now only displaying useful information, instead of a huge "N/A" list.
  • When poisoned, your poison stack count is displayed on the icon for reference.
  • Can now compare any equipable item with the item currently worn by pressing Ctrl. This works in inventory screen, shop screen, container interaction screen and when browsing items on the ground.


  • Orcish Hunters would crash the game if they got blocked in all directions while trying to dash away from danger.
  • Window used for number netry (eg. when picking up stacks of items) would crash if the amount was deleted from the input.
  • Can no longer create game-breaking paradoxes by putting chests into themselves.
  • Disarming with Smash Grip when the enemy has a two handed weapon would lead to him still "having" the weapon in the off hand, leading to potential crashes.
  • Some attacks (eg. Axe Hook) would never miss due to a failure in the attack logic.


  • Reworked the item sets of most enemies to make the difficulty progression smoother.
  • Two handed weapons are now faster than before, but they deal less damage. They did way too much damage previously, which resulted in getting insta-nuked by enemies using them, or just breezing through the dungeon as a two handed user. Should be a bit more balanced now.
  • Low level one handed weapons got a damage buff to make them actually usable.
  • Orcish Berserkers will never run away, and now can occasionaly spawn with two handed weapons instead of dual wield.
  • Rapier has 50% armor piercing on all attacks.
  • All sword stab attacks have 25% armor piercing.


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Jul 09, 2017

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Imagine if we could make our own races, where we have points to select how many limbs and stats we get. Or at least start with the stats and modifiers of metabolism and others.. Basically a system where you start with human stats, and then you can give yourself cons in order to get points and get pros for your race.  Players who played elona would probably love this!. 

Elona is one of the three main inspirations for my game, ad this will get more and more visible as time goes on. Although I won't go as far as introducing etherwind and playing blackjack with a luck buff received from a loaf of bread to get potions of cure corruption, the entire idea of "fantasy sim" is on the horizon.

The particular thing you are talking about though... I didn't think about such approach. I had in mind the idea of player undergoing mutations as game progresses, but having such "custom race maker" does sound VERY interesting.