Sounds! Viable mages! (v.0.2.1)

Hello and welcome! This time I bring to you a symbolical break of the vow of silence, which is sounds! Pretty basic for now, I tried to give every turn-passing action a sound effect to mostly inform the player that time is ticking. If you feel that any of the sounds are out of place, or even better - you know where to find some sweet sounds that I could use without draining my wallet dry, I'd be very grateful.

Mages have also received a huge buff, as they were "slightly underpowered", especially after War Dogs have been introduced and low-tier weapons have had their damage improved.  To keep up with this, I have improved damage of almost all spells, with high-tier spells receiving staggering buffs. It is also slightly more difficult to resist all spells, as their base effect power has gone up. On top of that, the Sorcery skill offers you the Mage Armor spell which improves your protection for a time, and all staves have been redesigned to benefit the user with mid-high-tier spells instead of the low-tier ones you have anyway at start:

  • Staff of Flames gives access to Conjure Flames, which means you always have that AOE nuke at your disposal.
  • Staff of Force gives access to Push, so you can keep safe distance from your enemies while smiting them.
  • Staff of Malice gives access to Drain Blood, so you can feel like a vampire early on and compensate for that bloody costs of Sangumantic spells.

I have also removed the Conjure Smoke spell as it has been pointed out ot me that with current AI this actually is an invincibility spell, since AI will not do you any harm while it cannot see you. Woops! Will bring this spell back (possibly in a different form) once I get to stealth-oriented features, as this will be when AI will have to cope with invisible enemies on regular basis.

Apart from that, there are tons of quality of life improvements and some good old bugfixes, mostly a result of your comments and bug reports. Big thanks to all of you who keep coming back to this game and letting me know what rocks and what sucks!

Saves from previous versions will not work.

New Stuff:

  • Sounds! Together with sound volume controls in options.
  • The game now starts with a bit of story, and ends with an actual winning screen.
  • If you try to hurt yourself, the game will warn you about your suicidal attempts.
  • Town now has guards who will turn on you if you dare to hurt either them or the villagers. 
  • Quick-Resting is now available with R button. It will rest for up to 120 turns, and will stop if you are at full health, there are enemies nearby or your satiety is dangerously low.
  • Armor Penetration is now displayed in a more intuitive way, with % values. So what was displayed at "0.75" (meaning that 0.75 of armor is taken into consideration) is now "25%" (meaning that armor is reduced by 25% for that attack).
  • Creatures with disabled legs can no longer use mobility-reliant actions (Dash, Charge, Backslash, Lunge). This should keep those legless  Berserkers off your back. But it also means you cannot Dash around on one leg anymore, so it might as well be your downfall...
  • Dodging power is displayed in the Status window (the one you see when pressing "U"), next to Hex Resistance. No idea why I waited so long with making it visible.
  • All hints at the bottom of windows are now rendered with a larger font, as I've seen numerous people miss the fact that these hints are even there.


  • Fixed a nasty bug that would cause your game to crash if you left a level with creatures targeting you, then saved -> loaded -> saved game. This was actually a symptom of a much bigger issue I have, as currently time does not pass on inactive levels (ones without player on them). Making time pass in a simplified manner on inactive levels is something that I will probably work on for the next version.
  • Fixed the way in which game handled level sizes. You could actually cuase a crash by teleporting within the last level of the dungeon.
  • Game would crash if you had the enemy preview window open while dying.
  • Sellings chests will now calculate all the worth of the stuff inside the chest, and the vendor will unpack all of the items inside so you can buy them back separately, if you accidentally sell your best sword together with a bunch of junk.
  • AI improved to better keep track of their target's location. It should no longer be possible to make full of your enemies by walking in circles and making the enemy lose track of you behind a pillar.
  • Speed reduction due to missing legs was not calculated properly, causing War Dogs to not care at all about missing one of their legs.


  • Mages reworked as described above.
  • Durgaz has some backup, as he was a bit too easy to deal with 1 on 1. It makes sense that he would have some bodyguards.
  • Trader now will always spawn with basic survivability items: bandages, healing potions, bread and some town portal scrolls.
  • Similarly, Blacksmith always spawns with quite a bit of ammo.
  • All non-food consumables have had their costs cut down considerably.


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Jul 24, 2017

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