Talar Scroll of Wholesale! (v.0.2.2)

Hello and welcome! New version of Dungeonlike is out with some additions here and there, including the Talar Scroll of Wholesale which speeds up the process of selling masses of loot. Apart from that I have made a bunch of changes to quicken first levels of the game, as skirmishes often felt drawn-out. Early enemies are slightly less durable now and new "Bloodloss" conditions should allow for even faster combat, once you get an advantage in a battle. All changes listed below.

Some changes, especially optimisation of AI and modifications done to level generation are a form of ground work for new features I have in plans. These actually took majority of my time since last release, which is why the list of changes is not that long. I will post some information about what is coming up, as I probably should keep you guys informed about what I am working on and what is the general roadmap for upcoming releases.

Saves from earlier versions will not work.

New Stuff:

  • Talar Scroll of Wholesale added. It is an item that you can purchase for 500 gold from the general store. It sells all reachable (eg. not blocked by doors or walls) items on a given floor for 75% of their price, but saves a lot of your time.
  • Gold is now always sorted to reside at the top of any item stack and is picked up automatically (without passing a turn) when walked over (player only).
  •  Levels which do not contain the player still remain active - up till now time would stop once player has left.
  • Creatures can now follow their targets between levels.
  • When creating a spell or attack, player can now choose scaling stats instead of static ones. Attacks which use scaling stats will automatically recalibrate each time you level up their primary skill and can be set to scale with 20/40/60/80/100/120/140/160/180/200% of that skill.
  • Spells which have duration will now allow to modify their duration independently of their power.
  • Severe bloodloss (50% and even worse at 75% blood missing) will affect the creature negatively, making it slower and weaker. This actually serves two purposes, as it makes semi-dead creatures easier to dispatch and therefore speeds up the combat, but it will also draw player's attention to his own low blood levels. I managed to bleed out insisde the town on one playthrough because I simply forgot that I was bleeding and the game didn't really draw my attention to it, so this should make such deaths avoidable.
  • Armor penalty will now also reduce movement speed. This is a very minor reduction, but it means that heavily armored enemies will not catch a mage or archer that quickly.
  • Level generator refactored to prepare for future features. What you will see at the moment is that staircase rooms will never have monsters, and general density of monsters is far more balanced. No longer will you see 5 empty rooms just to find a band of orcs in a small room behind the corner.


  • Costs of "Line" AOE spells were incredibly high (higher than circular AOE) for no reason.
  • Message system sometimes would report that a creature received damage after it was already dead.
  • Countless optimisation changes. The game offers now much faster AI operations, faster pathfinding, less redundant checks and so on. This was necessary in order to allow more than one level to be active, and will be crucial for some of the future features I have planned.


  • Killing enemies in early game took way too long in comparison to later enemies when you build up more attack power, so I reduced the endurance of early enemies to avoid running around that much and waiting for them to bleed out. This should speed up early game considerably.
  • While implementing independent duration stat for spells I rebalanced a lot of enduring spells as some of them were still in a "prototype" state.
  • Made all the dogs and wargs a bit weaker, as they were a bit more intimidating than I have actually planned.


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Aug 09, 2017

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